SamSung Galaxy A51 Phone- Detailed Evaluation

Samsung features the largest screen, the largest battery, and the most cutting-edge design of any of them. As a result, it has emerged as one of the most well-liked products in the mid-range category. I came across the Galaxy A51 while looking for a new phone to replace an old one for a family member, and for the time being, it seems to satisfy the most of my needs.

Comparable to high-end phones, the screen

For those of you who may not be familiar, the A51 is a cell phone that is under 5 million VND in price. The Galaxy A51 will feature a 6.5-inch, multicolor, 1080p AMOLED screen, a mid-range CPU, and four cameras on the rear.
Samsung also recently released the Galaxy A52, which is regarded as the Galaxy A51’s replacement on the market. However, the Galaxy A52 hasn’t yet been released in some areas and it will likely be much more expensive than the Galaxy A51. The Galaxy A52 phone will feature a big screen, a fast refresh rate, and a fresh look. So if you don’t require this stuff immediately, don’t wait.

As a result, the Galaxy A51 continues to be the best choice right now. Since I have been using them for a while, I feel that I have an advantage over some of my rivals. For instance, the iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch LCD screen with limited resolution and other limitations. The Galaxy A51, on the other hand, boasts a bright and precise AMOLED display. I truly value the display quality, even when compared to expensive monitors. The Galaxy A51’s relatively poor outside visibility is the one thing that makes me feel unsatisfied with it.

The frame of the Galaxy A51 is made of plastic

The entire design of the Samsung Galaxy A51 is made of plastic. However, up close, it appears more like glass with a shiny substance. This subject doesn’t truly interest me for two reasons.
First of all, it will make the phone lighter and secondly, it is less delicate than glass. The back of the Galaxy A51 is also exquisitely crafted. However, consumers should be aware that the Galaxy A51 does not adhere to regulations for water and dust protection.

The Galaxy A51 includes a flexible camera setup

Another excellent feature is the Galaxy A51’s quartet of four cameras. But in reality, consumers will primarily use a single camera. You lack a zoom lens on your camera. Instead, you will have a depth camera and a macro camera. In actuality, users hardly ever employ depth cameras or zoom cameras.
The wide-angle and primary cameras perform admirably. When photographing landscapes, the colors were rich and bright, and I was particularly amazed. The majority of the photographs created are not much different from high-end smartphones. Sometimes it will appear fuzzy in good lighting.

On a phone, 4K video can be recorded, but regrettably the primary camera lacks an OIS technology. Super Steady mode can be used to correct this condition. The video shot will be more smoother as a result. However, because this mode makes extensive use of photos from a super wide-angle camera, details are lost. The camera mechanism on the Galaxy A51 is not flawless. But given its pricing, we shouldn’t have high expectations.

There is not much power in the processing chip

I’m a little let down by the Galaxy A51 because it will have different processors in many different markets. A more potent processor will be used in the US 5G version. I tested it by opening a number of demanding programs, however it is not particularly quick and occasionally lags. On the iPhone SE, which I used to test those applications, the machine processing is substantially smoother. Additionally, extended operating system updates are supported for iPhones in particular.

But that is just for me; it makes no difference to an elderly person who isn’t very tech-savvy. The gadget has an in-display fingerprint sensor, however it responds somewhat slowly. Many items in the same segment have already made use of a conventional fingerprint sensor. so ensuring the product’s convenience and quickness.

Another benefit of the Galaxy A51 is its battery

Finally, I’ll discuss the device’s battery capacity. One area where Galaxy products outperform Apple ones is in this. The battery capacity of the gadget will be 4000mAh, which is double that of the iPhone SE. If not continuously utilized, the Galaxy A51 can be used for two days. iPhones, on the other hand, are typically utilized during the day.


I wouldn’t stop if you have time to wait for the Galaxy A52. A mid-range processor is still used by the Galaxy A52, but the refresh rate is higher, providing a considerably smoother experience and even longer phone battery life. The Galaxy A51 is still a solid option in this pricing range, though. The gadget has a decently good screen, a powerful battery, and a flexible camera setup. Whatever you decide, the Galaxy A51 and A52 remain the current most economical mid-range products.

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