Where does Amanda Owen live now?

Clive Owen has taken on a solo venture with his son Reuben in Beyond the Yorkshire Farm: Reuben and Clive, which airs on Channel 5. Thestar’s former partner, , does not feature in the series but she is still planning plenty of projects. Fans of the Owen family are keen to find out if Amanda still lives at Ravenseat Farm.

Where does Amanda Owen live now?

The Yorkshire Shepherdess still shares plenty of updates as she continues to work at Ravenseat with her children.

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Despite separating in June 2022, the couple remain committed to running the farm together and raising their nine children.

This means they are still living together, and Amanda opened up about the living arrangements.

She told The Telegraph: “Sometimes I’m there, sometimes he’s there, sometimes he’s working away, sometimes I’m working away. We just have to make it fit.

Amanda Owen: With sheepdog

Amanda Owen: Amanda paid tribute to her beloved sheepdog (Image: AMANDA OWEN INSTAGRAM)

Amanda Owen: With her children

Amanda Owen: Amanda’s children are her priority (Image: CHANNEL 5)

“There’s enough room, believe me,” she also added how the family still has mealtimes together.

At the time of their separation, their joint statement said their number one priority was the “happiness and well-being of our children”.

With this in mind, for the sake of their children, Amanda and Clive have managed to still live in harmony.

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Viewers may be wondering what happened to the remote farmhouse the family purchased in 2020.

Amanda Owen: The Yorkshire Shepherdess

Amanda Owen: The Yorkshire Shepherdess (Image: CHANNEL 5)

The 18th-century barn had been sitting empty for the past 60 years and it needed a lot of work.

A specialist builder has been working on the repairs but as the building is part of a conservation area, specific permissions need to be sought.

This can take a while, so a full restoration of the barn may take many more months to complete.

The planning application was for a two-bedroom home and it was approved with no objections.


Amanda Owen: Our Yorkshire Farm

Amanda Owen: Our Yorkshire Farm will sadly not return (Image: CHANNEL 5)

Inside Our Yorkshire Farm: A glimpse into Amanda Owen’s home in idyllic Yorkshire

Amanda Owen’s country home is the envy of many, with Ravenseat Farm attracting thousands of viewers on Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm.

In July 2022 Amanda opened up about her “chaotic” home life at The Game Fair.

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She said: “My home life is busy and chaotic, but my work life is solitary.

“Too much of each one is not good, but living in a remote place gives me peace and quiet.

“You can lose yourself and distance yourself from everyone and everything.

“Once I go out of that door to work it is back to basics. I never see anyone, it’s just me and nature.”

As for what Amanda is up to now, Channel 5 told viewers the network was working on new projects with her.

Daniel Pearl, commissioning editor for factual at Channel 5, said: “The Owens have become everyone’s favourite farming family and millions have enjoyed watching their unique way of life.

“We remain absolutely committed to the whole wonderful Owen family and hope to announce new projects with Amanda very soon.”

Beyond the Yorkshire Farm: Reuben and Clive airs on Tuesdays on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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