Tyson Fury sends Derek Chisora eerie warning as security step in during intense face-off

and shared an intense final face-off at today’s weigh-in ahead of Saturday night’s WBC heavyweight title clash. Security had to be called in to intervene with neither man willing to look away. 

During their two-minute staredown, Fury sent Chisora a parting message: “Lets give it to them like I’m going to give it to you, KO this time boys.” Last time out in 2014, Fury retired Chisora on his stool at the end of the tenth round.

You are reading: Tyson Fury sends Derek Chisora eerie warning as security step in during intense face-off

But coming into their third fight, The Gypsy King is hoping to go one step further with a statement knockout. Chisora has only been stopped three times during his 45-fight professional career – by , Fury, and.

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Both men stepped on the scales around their usual weights with Fury weighing 268lb 3/4 and Chisora 260lb 3/4.

Fury and Chisora square off tomorrow night

Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora square off tomorrow night (Image: BT Sport)

The fight itself has received a largely negative response with few giving Chisora much of a chance. Even with both men pledging to meet each other in the centre of the ring from the opening bell, Del Boy comes in as a heavy underdog with some bookies offering odds as high as 20/1 for the 38-year-old to have his hand raised.

However, Fury refuses to underestimate his old foe. “Listen, I hear all these critics and b****** who have basically never taken a punch in their life but in a two-horse race, never underestimate anybody because anything can go wrong,” he said.

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Fury weighed 268lb 3/4 and Chisora 260lb 3/4

Tyson Fury weighed 268lb 3/4 and Derek Chisora 260lb 3/4 (Image: GETTY)

“And as we have seen many times in the past when champions overlook their opponents and think about names and big fights, and then you’ve got the opponent training away, nice and steadily, no pressure, goes in there and knocks the mother f***** out.

“I’ve seen it time and time again. But for me that will never happen because I train very hard and I respect every opponent I’ve ever faced. I give 110 per cent every time I’m in the gym. I’ve put in nine weeks of training for this fight.”

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