Too Hot To Handle star Jawahir Khalifa shares regret over rule breaks ‘Let the group down’

steamy dating show has made its long-awaited return to Netflix with 10 singles hoping to find love. Despite finding a connection, contestant Jawahir Khalifa opened up on breaching the show’s strict celibacy rules. 

Season four saw 10 hopefuls seeking to form a genuine relationship on the show. 

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However, as the contestants arrived at the Caribbean villa they were convinced they had signed up for a new dating show, Wild Love. 

With the guise successfully underway, Lana made a shocking appearance and revealed the truth as well as the show’s strict abstinence rules. 

The contestants were forced to withhold from kissing, heavy petting, sex, or solo-self-gratification of any kind and any rule break would be fined and deducted from their $200,000 (£163,548) cash prize.

Too Hot To Handle: Jawahir

Too Hot To Handle: Jawahir spoke on breaking the strict rules (Image: Netflix)

Too Hot To Handle: Lana

Too Hot To Handle: Lana enforced strict rules on celibacy (Image: Netflix)

Despite this, the majority of the singles including Jawahir got hot under the collar and forfeited some cash.

During episode two, Jawahir was exploring her options as she kissed both Seb Melrose and Nick Kici, which cost the group $6,000.

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Although she and Nick were seemingly exclusive by the end of part one, Jawahir revealed she regretted breaking the rules.

At the end of each day, if there was a rule break, Lana would gather the contestants and expose them and their penalties.

Too Hot To Handle: Jawahir and Nick

Too Hot To Handle: Jawahir broke rules with Nick (Image: Netflix)

Too Hot To Handle: Seb and Kayla

Too Hot To Handle: Seb and Kayla also broke rules (Image: Netflix)

During an interview with , Jawahir disclosed: “It makes you nervous because you don’t want to let the group down.

“And obviously being the one that likes to break rules. I was like, ‘Oh my god, do I tell everyone the truth, do I just like tell Lana the truth or do I stay quiet?’”

She admitted: “I think times I chose to stay quiet and I really regretted it.

“Because you’re sitting there like ‘I’m not going to say anything’ and then, later on, you’re just like ‘Maybe I should’ve just said something’.”


Although her fleeting desires cost the group, Jawahir wasn’t the only constant to break the show’s strict rules. 

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Seb and Kayla Richart were responsible for a whopping loss of $68,000 from the team’s prize money. 

The two, who were also pretty exclusive, struggled to keep their hands off each other as they broke three of the four rules. 

Even after Lana doubled the fines the couple admitted to kissing, heavy petting and even having sex in episode five, for which they were charged $50,000.

During episode three, Lana sent Kayla and Seb to the suite where they were tasked with making a genuine and emotional connection. 

Although they were surrounded by temptations, including a bathtub and massage oils, the pair were able to restore the group’s trust in them as they remained celibate. 

However, fears quickly grew about the cash prize as fans were concerned there would be nothing left to win. 

By the end of part one, only $117,000 remained in the prize pool, resulting in a total loss of $83,000.

Too Hot To Handle season 4, part 1 is available to stream on Netflix. Season 4, part 2 premieres on Wednesday, December 14.

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