Misfits and Gravity, among the movies you can see for this Sunday

What movie or series are we going to watch today? It is a question that we repeat to ourselves as soon as we have time to sit on the sofa and turn on the television.

Misfits and Gravity, among the movies you can see for this Sunday

What movie or series are we going to watch today? It is a question that we repeat to ourselves as soon as we have time to sit on the sofa and turn on the television. The answer is not easy, because streaming platforms offer a very extensive catalogue. And then we also like to repeat a film from time to time. To help you in this difficult task, we propose 10 options for this week of March 13.

Completed on 11/12/2013. . Cast: Joseph Gilgun, Karla Crome, Nathan McMullen, Matt Stokoe.

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Misfits is a British series that mixes science fiction, humor and drama. It is about a group of young people with antisocial behavior forced to work in a community service program (community payback). During the service, a strange storm will endow them with superpowers that will be revealed throughout the series.

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Premiered on 10/03/2013. Directed by: Alfonso Cuarón. Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris, Orto Ignatiussen.

During a routine space walk, two astronauts have a serious accident and are left floating in space. One is Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant engineer on her first space mission on the Shuttle. Her companion is veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky. During the walk something goes wrong and disaster occurs: the shuttle is destroyed, leaving Ryan and Matt completely alone, from which moment they will try by all means to return to Earth.

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Premiered on 08/23/2021. Directed by: Han Kwang-il. Cast: Theo James, Mary McDonnell, Lara Pulver, Graham McTavish.

Animation work based on the universe of The Witcher. The film will take us back to a new threat facing the continent. Escaping poverty to become a warlock, Vesemir slays monsters for gold and glory, but when a new threat arises, he is forced to face the demons from his past…

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On broadcast. . Cast: Paco Tous, Pepón Nieto, Carlos Santos, Amaia Sagasti.

The series follows the day-to-day of the family of inspector Paco Miranda, who is transferred to the San Antonio police station (a fictitious conflictive neighborhood in Madrid) together with sub-inspectors and friends Mariano and Lucas. Paco starts working at the neighborhood police station where his mother-in-law, Don Lorenzo, is the police officer..

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Finalizada el 24/04/1999. . Reparto: Koichi Yamadera, Unsho Ishizuka, Megumi Hayashibara, Aoi Tada.

The crew of the Bebop ship are just trying to make money, and they’re the funniest bounty-hunting gang in the year 2071.

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Finalizada el 02/04/2022. . Reparto: Natsuki Hanae, Kaito Ishikawa, Inori Minase, Shino Shimoji.

There once lived a vampire known as Vanitas, hated by his own kind for being born under a full blue moon, as most are on the night of a crimson one. Fearful and alone, he created the “Book of Vanitas”, a cursed grimoire that would one day take revenge on all vampires; That’s at least the story. Vanitas no Carte follows Noah, a young man who travels aboard an airship in 19th century Paris with one goal in mind: to find the Book of Vanitas. A sudden attack by vampires leads him to meet the enigmatic Vanitas, a doctor who specializes in vampires and, to Noah’s surprise, a completely ordinary human. The mysterious doctor has inherited both the name and the infamous Book of Vanitas from legend, using the grimoire to cure patients from it. But behind his kind demeanor hides something a little more sinister….

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Premiered on 07/03/1991. Directed by: James Cameron. Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Robert Patrick.

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Eleven years have passed since Sarah Connor was targeted for elimination by a cyborg from the future. Now her son John, the future leader of the resistance, is the target of a more modern, deadlier Terminator. Once again, the resistance has managed to send a protector back in time to try and save John and his mother Sarah…

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On issue. . . . . Cast: Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Riley Keough.

Commander James Reece wants revenge as he investigates the mysterious forces behind the deaths of his entire platoon. Now far removed from the military’s hierarchical structure, Reece applies the lessons he learned during nearly two decades of war to hunt down those responsible…

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Premiered on 11/11/2021. Directed by: Jason Reitman. Cast: Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Paul Rudd.

A single mother and her two children move to a small town where they will discover their connection to the origins of the Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather has left them.

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Premiered on 07/07/2009. Director: David Yates. Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter.

In the midst of the disasters that plague England, Harry and his classmates return to Hogwarts for their sixth year of studies; And although security measures have turned the school into a fortress, some students are victims of inexplicable attacks. Harry suspects that Draco Malfoy is responsible for them and decides to find out why. Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore and the protagonist explore Lord Voldemort’s past through memories the headmaster has collected. With this, Dumbledore plans to prepare the boy for the day of the final battle.

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