Met Office warning: Yellow weather alert issued as ferocious gales set to reach 80mph

The has said there is a “small chance” of disruption in parts of Britain due to on Wednesday. However, the weather forecast was updated late on Tuesday evening to reduce the warning as wind speeds have decreased. 

Picture of woman with umbrella in the rain

Wind and flood warning have been issued by the Met Office for Wednesday. (Image: Getty Images)

Windy weather is expected across Britain today with some “blustering showers”, and the temperature is expected to be around 14 to 15C.

Those in the north are expected to face heavier rain, as the Met Office has said the heavy rain may be an “additional hazard” across northwestern areas of Britain.

In Northern Ireland, the heavy rain is expected to clear early on Wednesday morning, and the region is expected to have sunshine and some light showers.

They also warned that strong winds may have a chance of causing disruption and have said that bus and train services may take longer than usual on Wednesday because of the weather.

A yellow warning means severe weather is possible over the next few days and those travelling should plan journeys expecting there may be delays, but “many people” should be able to continue with their daily routine that day.

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Rebekah Sherwin, Deputy Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The most likely scenario is for gusts of 55 to 65 mph within parts of the warning area, most likely the northern Irish Sea and parts of eastern Scotland.

“These are typical wind speeds for the time of year so disruption would be localised in this case.

“However, there is a chance the deep low-pressure system will bring gusts of 70 to 80 mph to northern parts of the UK on Wednesday.

“Should this develop, disruption to travel and wind damage would be more likely. In addition, heavy rain in the northwest may make travelling more difficult.”

Picture of windy day in London

There may be some travel disruptions due to the wet and windy weather (Image: Getty Images)

The Environmental Agency has also issued a red flooding alert for the Keswick Camping and Caravan Club area due to being a low-lying area next to the shores of Derwent Water in the Lake District. 

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Flooding will be expected, and the Environmental Agency has warned people in the area to avoid using footpaths and bridges near rising water and they are currently monitoring the citation closely in the area. 

In Scotland, Pollok is also expected to face floods and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has warned flooding may occur at the Police dog compound at Pollock Country Park, The Sawmill at Pollock House, Pollock Estates, and the Castle Golf Course. 

In England, less severe flood warnings have been issued for areas near the River Cockers, River Ehen in Cumbria and the River Derwent in Yorkshire, while in Scotland flooding may occur in Ayrshire, Arran, West Central Scotland and the Scottish borders. 


Picture o man on a beach during rainy and windy weather

Mr Sherwin has said the “most likely scenario is for gusts of 55 to 65 mph” (Image: Getty Images)

The weather over the rest of the week will be an “unsettled theme”, according to the Met Office, as there will be a mix of rainy weather and some dry spells. 

Clare Nasir, the weather forecaster for the Met Office, said there will be a “legacy of showers” in the south, and the showers may merge to form a longer spell of rain in Scotland on Thursday. 

Rain is expected for the most part on Friday, but there may be dry weather in the southeast due to higher temperatures. 

Saturday is expected to be “chilly” but showers are expected to have cleared and the weather may be bright with some sunshine and the weather will change again on Sunday, with the majority of the country likely experiencing rain. 

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