Janey Godley, 61, shares cancer has returned in heartbreaking update on ‘last live tour’

Comedian , 61, has said she is “looking forward” to her live tour, as she admitted it was probably “the last time” fans would see her on stage. The star took to social media to update her followers on her . 

Despite getting the all clear earlier this year, Janey has revealed that her has now returned. 

You are reading: Janey Godley, 61, shares cancer has returned in heartbreaking update on ‘last live tour’

The comedian was told she was cancer free in June this year, but recent test results have shown remaining signs of the disease.

In a video posted to Twitter, she shared: “My recent scan and my blood tests showed that my cancer marker went up.

“There’s still a bit of disease in my abdomen,” Jane continued bravely. 

Janey Godley

Janey Godley’s cancer has returned (Image: TWITTER/GETTY)


Janey shared an update on social media (Image: TWITTER)

“So I want you all to know that I’ll be going through some more chemotherapy.

“I also want you to know that I’m going ahead with the tour in February and March. 

“I am determined to get back on stage,” Jane reassured her fans. “I’m looking forward to the tour.

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“I think it’s fair and honest to say it might be the last time you see me live on stage. 


Janey is a popular comedienne (Image: GETTY)


Janey is still going on tour (Image: GETTY)

“I’m hoping it’s not, but I think it’s a fair estimation,” she added. 

Janey was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2021 after suffering from stomach pain, frequent urination, bloating and a sore back.

She was told she had stage three ovarian cancer following her hysterectomy, where she was shocked by the news that her cancer had spread beyond her ovaries.

The comedian and actress updated her fans via Instagram after she had heard the news, writing: “Well, I’ve been through the hysterectomy and I’m staying at my friend Shirley’s.




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“She’s a good pal, she’s got a spare room, medical expertise and she’s really good at making a cup of tea.”

She added: “The hysterectomy was a really big operation so I’m recovering slowly.

“Before I left the hospital they managed to give me the pathology.

“It was a very, very tense moment and it turns out that I’ve got stage three b ovarian cancer which wasn’t the result I was hoping for, but nobody gets the results they want I suppose.”


She went on to admit that the diagnosis had shocked her loved ones, writing: “Stage three ovarian cancer, like many cancers, is treatable and people live with it.

“It’s been quite a shock. It’s been quite a shock to all of us. My husband and Ashley are back at home and they are just processing all this information too.

“There are people watching this who live for years with treatable cancers and that’s what I’m hoping to do as well.

“I’d like to say I’m brave and I’m strong but I’m really really vulnerable and frightened as well because that’s what this kind of news does to people, but I’m also optimistic.

“I’m going to get chemotherapy, and then whatever treatment comes after this.”

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