Jake Paul ‘makes huge Tommy Fury purse offer’ as negotiation details emerge

has reportedly offered Tommy Fury a massive £1.6million ($2million) purse to face him in the ring. The news comes after Paul revealed he had sent Fury a seven-figure contract that he claims is six times more lucrative than the Mancunian’s last payday against Rolly Lambert on the vs Deji Olatunji undercard in Dubai.

“Tommy Fury…the contract is with your team. 7 figures. 6x what you made in your last fight. You signing right?” Tweeted the ex-Disney actor.

You are reading: Jake Paul ‘makes huge Tommy Fury purse offer’ as negotiation details emerge

Now, YouTube boxing commentator Wade Plem has claimed he knows the exact amount on offer. Taking to , he wrote: “BREAKING: I Just spoke to a source w/ inside knowledge of the Jake and Tommy fight negotiations that CONFIRMED @tommytntfury has been offered 2 Million Dollars to fight @jakepaul…”

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The massive offer is equal to the combined purse of Paul and Tyron Woodley when they rematched each other in December.

Paul and Fury are expected to fight in February

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are expected to face each other in February (Image: GETTY)

Fury and Paul have been scheduled to face each other on two occasions to no avail. Ahead of their first date in December 2021, Fury pulled out of the contest with a broken rib before their August encounter was cancelled when TNT was denied entry to the United States – where the fight was due to take place.

Since then, both parties have teased the idea of a third attempt and it appears genuine efforts have now been made to make it happen. Tommy’s father John recently confirmed that he had come to a verbal agreement with Jake’s manager Nakisa Bidarian for the long-awaited grudge match to be held in February next year. The event is expected to take place in the United Kingdom with Fury still unable to cross the pond.

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Paul is 6-0 as a pro boxer

Jake Paul is 6-0 as a pro boxer (Image: GETTY)

Speaking after his son’s last fight against Lambert, John said: “He shook me hand and he gave me his word of honour, his manager. It’s happening in February. I said ‘listen if you back out you’ll never live it down in your life’. You can’t break a man’s handshake. 

“Contracts mean nothing to me, but a handshake means my word. He’s given me his word, his manager, we fight in February.”

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