ITV This Morning: Jennifer Aniston swears on air before asking if show is live

Friends icon Jennifer Aniston let a swear word slip out by accident as she appeared on This Morning on Thursday.

The star was talking with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield as she made the mistake before asking if the show was live.

You are reading: ITV This Morning: Jennifer Aniston swears on air before asking if show is live

Jen was on the show alongside Adam Sandler as the pair promote upcoming movie Murder Mystery 2, as writes the Mirror.

She quickly admitted she didn’t realise they weren’t taping the segment for later as she offered up an apology.

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As the legendary actress opened up on what it’s like working with co-star Adam, she referred to the filming process as being one of “s**ts and giggles”.

Holly and Phil were quick to step in to tell viewers they were sorry for Jen’s language, before the Morning Show star asked if they’d maybe “edit out” her words.

A clearly embarrassed Jennifer apologised and her co-star followed suit after Holly and Phil explained they were live.

The presenters burst into giggles before telling the Friends star “don’t worry” before continuing on with the interview.

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It came after a busy day for the hosting duo, who welcomed Georgia Harrison on to the This Morning sofa earlier in the day for a more serious chat.

She opened up on how she’s doing after Stephen Bear was jailed for 21 months for his revenge porn scandal against her.

The 28-year-old put on a brave face as she appeared on This Morning to chat with Phil and Holly, admitting the whole situation left her “heartbroken” as she delved deeper into the “disrespect” she felt from Stephen’s behaviour during the court appearance.

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