Supermarket shopper shares clever way to unlock trolleys without a £1 coin

supermarket trolley £1 coin slot

‘Going to try this!’ Clever hack to unlock supermarket trolleys without a £1 coin (Image: GETTY)

Food shopping used to be straightforward, but now there’s lots to think about before you’ve even stepped foot inside the ; shopping list, reusable bags and trolley pound coin. One lady on TikTok however, has a hack for the latter – using two 20ps instead. Some said this trick didn’t work for all supermarket shopping trolleys but recommended using a key instead. 

Taking to TikTok, Tasha shared a video of her using two 20ps instead of a £1 coin to unlock a trolley. 

You are reading: Supermarket shopper shares clever way to unlock trolleys without a £1 coin

The video, which has surpassed 1.4 million views since being posted, was captioned: “When some lady shows you this at Tesco how am I only just learning this.” 

Instead of slotting a pound coin into the slot, stack two 20p coins on top of one another and close it to release the chain and lock. 

“Literally running to a supermarket to try this out!!!” Someone exclaimed. 

Several said they already do this trick, but some argued it’s hard enough to find a £1 coin let alone two 20ps rattling around in their purse or car. 

When some lady shows you this at tesco how am i only just learning this ������������ @Claudia Blakeman������

Kelly Reid said: “Sorry but if I haven’t got 1 £1 coin how do you think I’m gonna have 2 20ps?” And Silverstone agreed: “If I haven’t got a £1 I’m definitely not going to have 20p x 2!” 

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Someone commented: “I tried this my 40 p stuck,” and another chimed: “Yep and then they get stuck so you lose 40p.” 

Amy doesn’t use coins to unlock a trolley: “I use the end of my key if I’ve got no change.” 

It also depends on what supermarket you shop at, as some TikTok users said Aldi trolleys only take £1 coins. But for anyone without a £1 coin, you can use your house key instead. 



“Doesn’t work at Aldi, I ended up using my house key,” Becky explained. Hel added: “Tried this at Aldi. They got stuck. had to just walk off…. shamed. My key works through the round one.” 

K confirmed using two 20ps doesn’t work in an Aldi trolley: “I did this in aldi and it got stuck. bunch of people surrounded the trolly helping me get it out, they probably thought I had no brain cells.” 

A couple of others said the trick doesn’t work for Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s trolleys. Using paperclips and hair grips does unlock a trolley though. 

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Kat said: “A pin works too! used to work at farmfoods and our badges if inserted right while pushing it in unlocks it.” 

Supermarket delivery services

Supermarket delivery services (Image: EXPRESS)

Ingrid added: “I use a clip. Like the black grips things. Because i do retail and clean the trolleys and stuck coins hurt me.” 

Another wrote: “You know you can even use a hairclip right?” 

If you are shopping in Tesco, Asda or Iceland, there are a . 

Tesco is asking customers who have bought Coca-Cola Zero Sugar multipacks with Christmas cardboard – 24x330ml with a best before date of October 31, 2023 and November 30, 2023 to return them to store. 

This is “due to the possibility some packs may contain Coca-Cola Original taste. This makes the product a potential risk to consumers who need to manage their sugar intake”. 

The supermarket is also recalling Tesco Active Whey Protein in both Strawberry and Chocolate. 

Asda is recalling John West On The Go Indian Tuna Rice Salad whilst Iceland is asking for its Ready Cooked Diced Chicken Breast to be returned. 

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