Mum who regrets her baby’s name admits she ‘dreads’ saying it aloud as people mispronounce it

Mispronouncing an unusual name can be easily done but it can be a rather sore subject for new parents who might have struggled to choose a moniker for their little one. A mum has confessed she regrets the name she gave to her daughter after people repeatedly pronounce it wrong.

After admitting that their mistakes make her cringe, the woman is eager to change her child’s name as she can’t stand it much longer as she ‘dreads’ introducing her child to people. Taking to Reddit, the anonymous mother explained that picking out her child’s name had been ‘stressful’ and she eventually caved and decided on a name she had never been ‘fond’ of.

You are reading: Mum who regrets her baby’s name admits she ‘dreads’ saying it aloud as people mispronounce it

She explained: “During my pregnancy, we loved the name Margot but then realised it rhymed with our last name so we vetoed it. We never really agreed on any other names. My husband liked Camilla but I was never fond of it.

“My youngest loved Rosie. I loved tons of old names but he didn’t. Everyone told me ‘when you see her, you’ll know’. Well, I didn’t and I panicked. After utter exhaustion, I just let my husband name her.

“He named her Camila Rose. For some stupid reason, we decided to spell it Camila but pronounce it ca-mill-luh. As he handed in the birth certificate I felt a tinge of regret but thought it was just hormones.

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“I didn’t sleep at all that night because I felt like we made such a mistake with her name. I knew it wasn’t exhaustion and that the feelings were real when strangers would ask me her name and I’d cringe. It has been a process to say the least.”

The mother admits she 'dreads' saying her daughter's name aloud as so many people mispronounce it
The mother admits she ‘dreads’ saying her daughter’s name aloud as so many people mispronounce it (Image: Getty images)

The little girl is now four months old but the mum admits that still doesn’t like her name. In a bid to stop people mispronouncing her daughter’s name, she is desperate to have it changed but the mother doesn’t know what to.

The mum explained: “She’s now almost four months old and I still don’t know what her name should be. I dread telling people her name because it just doesn’t feel right for some reason.

“It’s been mispronounced quite a bit – Camille, Camiyya, Ca-me-lah. We have to do something. We either add an L to make it Camilla to help the pronunciation or just change it.

“We have talked and he was very reluctant at first. But now that he’s witnessed the mispronunciations, he’s willing and wants to make a change – whatever that may be. I don’t know if adding the L to make it ‘Camilla’ would help any.

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She continued: “I just feel like I’ve screwed up. Naming her siblings was not this difficult. We named them and never looked back. I’ve been calling her Rosie like one of my children does because I just still haven’t warmed up to Camilla.

She confessed that after four months she still hasn't warmed to her daughter's name and is eager to change it
She confessed that after four months she still hasn’t warmed to her daughter’s name and is eager to change it (Image: Getty Images/Image Source)

“Yet now I’m questioning whether Rosie sounds like a dog’s name. Does it? My mom suggested maybe calling her Millie. I feel at four months it’s too late to give her a new name but something has to give. I don’t know what to do.”

Other Reddit users flocked to the comments to advise the woman on how they think she should handle the situation as they warned her she’d ‘regret it forever’ if she didn’t take action. One person replied: “I think you should start fresh. Decide on a name you love for your daughter and can say with joy and pride each time.

“I’m sure there is some easy way legally to change her name. Five years from now this incident will just be a funny story.” Someone else suggested: “Camilla Rose is a beautiful name but if you don’t like it then now is the time to change it or regret it forever.

“At four months, your daughter can easily re-learn a new name”. They added: “I don’t think Rosie sounds like a dog’s name at all, I only know of humans with that name!”

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