How to bet on Super Bowl 57

Everything you need to know to bet on the big game

The Super Bowl is undeniably one of the biggest sporting events of the year and a favourite for bettors across the globe.  Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to wagering, the Super Bowl is one of the marquee events for all levels of sports bettors.  Let’s take a look at some of the several different ways to bet on Super Bowl 57.

Super Bowl 57

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The teams are set as we’re down to two in the NFL.  Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will look to inch closer to dynasty status, while Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles are aiming to prove they are the real deal.

Mahomes and Co. punched their ticket to this year’s big game in a rematch of last year’s AFC title game.  The Chiefs downed Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 thanks to a late penalty and a last-minute field goal.

The Eagles had a different approach in the NFC Championship game, blowing out the San Francisco 49ers 31-7 in a contest that was never really in danger.

How to bet on Super Bowl 57

The betting odds above show the three most common wagers you can make on the big game: moneyline, point spread and Over/Under bets.  In this example, the Eagles are favoured to win (-126), while the Chiefs are underdogs (+104).  You can always tell the team favoured to win as their number is shown with a minus sign (-), while underdogs have a plus sign (+).

We’ll explain moneyline betting below as well as some other betting options available.

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Super Bowl moneyline betting

Moneyline betting is one of the simplest options available.  A moneyline bet is a wager on who you think will win the game.  It’s great for both beginner and experienced bettors.

Super Bowl point spread betting

In the example above, Philadelphia is favoured to win by two points against Kansas City.  So, to win if you bet on the Eagles, they would need to win the game by three points or more to cover the bet.  If you bet on the Chiefs, you win if they win the game by any margin or lose by one point.  A two-point Eagles win results in a push.  A push is a tie between the bettor and the book and usually results in your wager being refunded.

During the regular season, it’s possible for point spreads to go higher than 10 points if there is a mismatch between the teams.  Because the Super Bowl is played between the best team in the AFC and the best in the NFC, the point spread is usually smaller.

Super Bowl Over/Under betting

The Over/Under, also known as a Totals bet, is a wager on whether the game’s final score will be Over or Under the number given.  

The number listed for the total is accompanied by a price for that bet, similar to the way moneyline betting works.  In the example above, the Over is listed at -110 and the Under is -109.  That means you would need to bet $110 to earn $100 with the Over, while you would need to bet $109 to earn $100 with the Under.

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Super Bowl prop betting

Other player props could be which quarterback will throw the first touchdown, which defensive player will catch the first interception and who will be Super Bowl MVP.

If you’re into the country scene, you can make a wager on how long Chris Stapleton’s rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ will last from the first note sung to the last note.  

Super Bowl live betting

        Some odds, like who will win Super Bowl MVP, will change throughout the game based on individual players’ performances.  If you think Jalen Hurts is a clutch player and have a good feeling about him stepping up, get in early, during the game, on his MVP odds.

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