‘Gross’ hidden compartment in washing machines leaves people shocked

Washing machines are one of the most widely-used household appliances there is, and in order to keep working well, they need to be cleaned often.

You might think a quick rinse of the drum and drawer every so often is enough to keep it in good working condition, but it turns out there’s a hidden compartment that many people didn’t know existed.

You are reading: ‘Gross’ hidden compartment in washing machines leaves people shocked

A woman on TikTok left many people astounded after revealing the extent of the dirt trapped in this compartment, and she urged others to make sure they don’t leave this part out when cleaning their machine.

The Mirror reports that @jessiee_marie made a video on TikTok of herself cleaning out the compartment, and the results were pretty disgusting.

The content creator saw someone else on the social media site take apart their washing machine to clean it, and so decided to take on the task herself.

On the bottom of the washing drum, the TikToker pulled on a plastic handle, which appeared to easily remove.

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“Just found out you can take this piece in your washing machine,” Jessie explained.

But lurking under the handle was a thick layer of dirt and grime that had likely been building up for months.

Since posting, her video has surpassed a whopping 5.5 million views to date.

Captioning the post, Jessie wrote: “Saw someone do this on TikTok and I had to try it.”

Despite the viral nature of the clip, the comments were full of people saying they’d be giving this hack a miss.

“After seeing this I shall not be removing mine,” one person admitted.

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Someone else wrote: “Out of sight out of mind.”

A third person penned: “I’d throw the whole thing out, ain’t gonna be doing all this.”

Meanwhile, a different TikTok user wrote: “The way my jaw dropped knowing mine probably looks like that.”

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