Royal POLL: Who do you want as King Charles III’s counsellors of state? Vote here

is facing increasing pressure to change the law so that only working royals can be counsellors of state. Counsellors of state are senior members of the who can be called upon to uptake the King’s official duties as head of state due to illness or absence abroad. But who should he choose to support him? Vote in our poll.

Under the 1937 Regency Act, the positions are currently reserved for the spouse of the sovereign and the next four royals in line to the throne who are aged over 21.

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Currently, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice hold the responsibility to take on the King’s duties alongside Camilla, Queen Consort.

However, Charles may seek to change this by removing non-working royals from the position.

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Should he amend the law, Harry, Andrew and Beatrice could be replaced with other senior royals.

King Charles III, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew

Royal POLL: Who should be King Charles III’s counsellors of state? (Image: Getty)

The Telegraph reported that the King’s siblings Prince Edward and Princess Anne could be given the positions instead.

If the line of succession is removed from the law, i news suggested that Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales could also be included. 

It is rare for counsellors of state to be needed — Charles and William only stepped in for Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year during the state opening of Parliament due to her mobility issues.

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A change to the law would require new legislation to be enacted by the Houses of Parliament.


Line of succession

Counsellors of state are the sovereign’s spouse and next four adult royals in line of succession (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Counsellors can be called upon to attend Privy Council meetings and sign routine documents.

However, they cannot conduct “core constitutional functions” including Commonwealth matters, the dissolving of Parliament, the creation of peers or appointing a new Prime Minister.

Queen Elizabeth II’s counsellors of state were Prince Philip until his death, Charles, William, Harry and Andrew.

So what do YOU think? Who should be King Charles III’s counsellors of state? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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