Prince Philip sought legal advice over The Crown’s ‘upsetting’ storyline

The late sought legal advice following season two plot which blamed him for the death of his sister, Princess Cecilie. According to royal historian Hugo Vickers, the monarch was “hurt and upset”. 

Prince Philip was said to have contacted the law firm Farrer & Co after The Crown’s depiction of his sister’s death in season two. 

You are reading: Prince Philip sought legal advice over The Crown’s ‘upsetting’ storyline

Princess Cecilie died as a result of a tragic plane crash in 1937 at the age of 26, moments after giving birth in the air. 

She died alongside her newborn, two young sons and husband Georg Donatus.

When Princess Cecilie went into labour, the pilot attempted to do an emergency landing to get her to a hospital, but the plane hit a building. 

The Crown: Prince Philip

The Crown: Prince Philip spoke to lawyers after his portrayal (Image: Getty/Netflix)

The Crown: Princess Cecilie

The Crown: Princess Cecilie was played by Leonie Benesch (Image: Netflix)

When season two aired in 2017, Princess Cecilie’s (played by Leonie Benesch)motivation to fly from Germany to London was a result of Prince Philip’s (Finn Elliot) issues at school.

The royal who was 16 years old at the time, was supposed to visit his older sister in Germany but had the allowance revoked because of bad behaviour. 

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As a result, Princess Cecilie and her family boarded the plane and the journey led to her death. 

During the funeral scene in season two of The Crown series, Prince Philip was blamed for her demise by his furious father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, who said: “I’m surprised he dare show himself here.”

The Crown: Prince Philip

The Crown: Prince Philip’s sister was killed in a plane crash (Image: Netflix)

The Crown: Prince Philip

The Crown: Prince Philip was blamed for his sister’s death (Image: Netflix)

“Had it not been for Philip and his indiscipline she would never have taken that flight. It’s true, isn’t it boy?”

He shouted: “You’re the reason we’re all here burying my favourite child. Get him out of here.”

Prince Philip later opened up about his sister’s death and revealed her passing affected him deeply. 

He recalled going to his headmaster’s office and being told about Princess Cecilie’s tragic accident.


I have the very clearest recollection of the profound shock with which I heard the news of the crash and the death of my sister and her family.”

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According to royal historian, Hugo Vickers, Prince Philip was deeply impacted by the scenes. 

Hugo disclosed: “I know Prince Philip consulted his lawyer about it, to ask ‘What can I do about it?’

“He was very upset about the way he was portrayed, he was human. He could hurt like anybody else,” Hugo told The Sunday Times. 

It was said that the Royal spoke to the firm Farrer & Co about the show but then decided not to pursue action.

The show’s accuracy has sparked major controversy and discussions about adding a disclaimer to each episode. 

Ahead of the season five premiere, The Crown was met with backlash from actress Dame Judi Dench who slammed the show for its “crude sensationalism”. 

She also made calls for the show to add a disclaimer before each episode as the “fictionalised drama” was a risk as “a significant number of viewers” would believe its events were true. 

Netflix’s introduction states the drama is “inspired by real events but is a fictional dramatization”.

The Crown season 5 is available to stream on Netflix

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