Marie Kondo Admits Her Home’s A Mess Now ― And That Sparks Joy, Too

Home-organization guru Marie Kondo, who helped millions tidy up with her books and Netflix series on decluttering, has found joy in an unexpected place: a messy house.

Kondo says keeping her home neat is no longer a priority now that she has three children, according to the Washington Post.

You are reading: Marie Kondo Admits Her Home’s A Mess Now ― And That Sparks Joy, Too

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“My home is messy, but the way I am spending my time is the right way for me at this time at this stage of my life,” she said at a virtual tea ceremony and webinar, according to the newspaper.

Kondo popularized what she calls the KonMari Method via her books, webinars and media appearances. She suggested that people eliminate clutter by examining their belongings and keeping only items that “spark joy,” which has become a popular phrase and launched about a million memes.

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But different phases of life lead to different priorities.

“Up until now, I was a professional tidier, so I did my best to keep my home tidy at all times,” she said, according to the Post. “I have kind of given up on that in a good way for me. Now I realize what is important to me is enjoying spending time with my children at home.”

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