‘Biggest mistake’ people make when brushing teeth – can cause ‘yellowing to happen faster’

Yellow are said to be one of the very first signs of ageing. Thankfully, it’s not very difficult or expensive to fix yellow teeth. spoke to Dr Mounir Atassi Head of Dental at toothbrush brand about the best way to keep teeth clean and white. 

Dr Mounir explained why teeth change colour over the years: “Teeth can get yellow as a part of the natural ageing process. Unlike all other tissues in the body, enamel – the outer layer of the teeth – doesn’t grow, get repaired, or get replaced. 

You are reading: ‘Biggest mistake’ people make when brushing teeth – can cause ‘yellowing to happen faster’

“As we age, our tooth enamel will begin to wear away, revealing the dentin within the tooth, which is a yellowish colour. 

“However, the yellowing of teeth can happen much faster when oral hygiene is poor or with certain medical conditions. 

“Tobacco use is one of the most common causes, as this can stain teeth very quickly. A diet heavy on coffee, tea, soda, and red wine can also lead to your teeth becoming stained and discoloured,” he added. 

The expert also spoke about teeth stains and how they are caused: “Drinks and foods with dark colour pigments are more likely to stain your teeth. This includes coffee, tea, red wine, and dark-coloured fruit juices, such as cranberry or blueberry. Curry, with its intense colouring, can also cause stains. 

teeth yellow how to look younger

Dental expert shares common issu with teeth that makes you look older – how to reverse it (Image: GETTY • SURI)

“Certain chemical compounds that give these foods and drinks their strong colour interact with the plaque covering the tooth’s surface. Over time, these components can become embedded within tiny pockets in the enamel surface, causing deeper stains.”

To help fight yellowing and stains, it is advisable to brush your teeth regularly and correctly. Dr Mounir revealed “the biggest mistakes” people make when it comes to brushing their teeth. 

He said: “The biggest mistakes are not brushing for the recommended two minutes and applying too much force while brushing their teeth. The latter can lead to severe consequences, such as enamel loss and gum recession.”

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Many dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush to achieve a deeper clean – but when using an electric toothbrush, you must refrain from scrubbing and let the rotating head do the work. 

Dr Mounir explained: “You might see actors brushing vigorously in adverts and movies, but people should avoid scrubbing their teeth with an electric toothbrush, as excessive force can damage the enamel and gums.


“One of the benefits to using an electric toothbrush is that it quite literally does the brushing for you, so there is no need to push it hard against the teeth surfaces. Simply hold the brush so the bristles sit on the gum line at a 45-degree angle, then guide the toothbrush around your teeth and gums in gentle circular motions without applying much pressure. 

“SURI’s unique slim design and ergonomic aluminium body make it easier to use the toothbrush in the correct way described above.”

Dr Mourni spoke about SURI’s toothbrushes and how they are different to others on the market. “In a market brimming with single-use plastic, we wanted to create a beautiful, high-performance toothbrush that lasts a lifetime. 

“With SURI, it’s no longer a choice between great oral care and the planet. Our electric toothbrush uses recyclable plant-based heads made from cornstarch, with bristles derived from castor oil. 

“The slim aluminium body is light, durable and endlessly recyclable; purposefully designed so it can be taken apart and repaired by us. We also take full responsibility for the recycling process and we’ve tried to make it as convenient as possible. Every order comes with a prepaid compostable mailer, so UK and US customers can easily send their used brush heads back to us to be properly recycled, for free.” 

suri toothbrushes

SURI’s toothbrushes “use recyclable plant-based heads made from cornstarch”. (Image: SURI)

SURI’s toothbrush heads aren’t round like most electric toothbrushes, and there’s a good reason for this: “Most electric toothbrushes either rotate or use sonic vibrations, like SURI. The difference between these two types of technologies is simple: a sonic brush uses vibrations to loosen plaque from the teeth and gums, whereas a round, rotating brush moves quickly back and forth to achieve the same effect. 

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“Many clinical tests have shown that both technologies have similar cleaning efficacy and are much better than manual toothbrushes at removing plaque.

“SURI utilises sonic technology, which uses 33,000 vibrations per minute to remove plaque. In addition, this high-speed vibration creates waves of fluid pressure, which generate shear forces that help clean hard-to-reach areas beyond where the bristles are physically reaching. This means the brushing covers more surface area, such as under the gum line and between teeth,” he added. 

The shape of SURIi’s toothbrushes also means a better and deeper clean versus a manual. Dr Mourni commented: “Our research has shown that SURI provides better cleaning than manual toothbrushes, especially in hard-to-reach areas like between the teeth and the back of the teeth. 

“In addition, the built-in two-minute timer – with 30-second intervals for each quadrant of the mouth – helps people stick to the recommended brushing time. This is important as research shows that the average person usually brushes for only 45 to 60 seconds.” 

suri toothbrush

SURI has a range of offers on for Black Friday and Christmas (Image: SURI)

has launched its biggest-ever sale of up to 50 percent off for the remainder of 2022. The Black Friday multi-buy offer makes SURI the perfect gift for friends and family this winter, prioritising the health of your loved ones and the planet. 

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