Toyota patents for next Tacoma surface, hint at truck’s looks

From these patent images, filed in Brazil, this looks a lot like the ‘Pickup EV’ prototype Toyota showed off in 2021

  • Patents for what could be a new Tacoma just appeared in Brazil
  • The images bear much resemblance to the “Pickup EV” prototype of 2021
  • Looks like the truck could share some elements with its Tundra brother

Here’s the thing: these images show a truck which is nearly the spitting image of a vehicle which was on display back in December 2021, shown above at the top of this post. The truck was given just a passing mention during an official event at which Toyota was previewing its efforts in electric vehicles and was, at the time, simply called the “Pickup EV,” with no further details about its powertrain or dimensions.

So are these patent images for the upcoming gasser? Or do they foreshadow an all-electric pickup truck from the Big T? As those commericials for Old El Paso used to say: “Why not both?” A close look at the images from Brazil show a truck with a grille which is decidedly like ones providing airflow to a gasoline-powered engine, unlike the solid body-colour shield which showed up on the Pickup EV.

You are reading: Toyota patents for next Tacoma surface, hint at truck’s looks

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All other elements of the truck look nearly identical, including the Tundra-like fog lamps and headlights. However, the patent filings do provide a helpful look at the truck’s rear, showing a set of taillamps which reach all the way to its rear bumper, just like the – you guessed it – Tacoma.

A patent image from Brazil of a Toyota Tacoma
A patent image from Brazil of a Toyota TacomaPhoto by Brazilian Ministério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria, Comércio e Serviços Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial /Motor1

We can look to the Lexus RX and Toyota Crown, vehicles which have a four-banger hybrid, and learn they make roughly 330 horses and 400 lb-ft of torque. Even if tuned differently for truck duty, a powertrain making those types of numbers would far outstrip the 260 hp and 300 tq currently found in today’s old-as-Methuselah midsize Tacoma.

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