Oven cleaning hack that costs £3.50 and works ‘overnight’ praised by Mrs Hinch fans

Cleaning the oven is one of those tasks that is always a nightmare to tackle, no matter how many times you do it.

Spending ages knelt in front of the appliance scrubbing away the door and trays doesn’t sound appealing to anyone, but if it’s not done, a dirty oven can make your whole house smell bad when it’s switched on.

You are reading: Oven cleaning hack that costs £3.50 and works ‘overnight’ praised by Mrs Hinch fans

Lingering dirt and grease will also make your oven less efficient over time. But cleaning it could be simpler than you think, as fans of the cleaning guru Mrs Hinch have been sharing a popular method on social media.

This particular hack only costs £3.50 and apparently works ‘overnight’ – so that in the morning you’re faced with a bright and shiny oven again with minimal effort.

The solution came after one Mrs Hinch fan posted on Facebook: “What is the best way to clean inside a very neglected oven?”

The Express reports that the most popular suggestion was to use Oven Pride.

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One person commented: “Oven Pride. Get the one with the plastic bag for your shelves and the ladder type thing that the shelf goes into.

“I pop mine outside overnight and turn it over a few times.”

Another person said: “Oven Pride – I love it. I am fortunate that my oven and grill door slide out so both go into the bag.

“I leave it overnight and rinse it in the morning and do the same with the racks.”

And a third echoed: “I use Oven Pride and it works well.”

The cleaning product is the cheapest in Tesco where it costs £3.49, but it can also be picked up from Asda and Morrison’s for £4.

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The suggestions didn’t stop there, as plenty of other people rushed to offer their solutions for scrubbing the “neglected” oven.

One person said: “If you can afford it, I’d hire a professional oven cleaner. They have the tools for a heavy clean such as this.”

But if you’re after a more thrifty solution, others said that Mr Muscle oven cleaner and Astonish cream work effectively as well.

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