Ordering Warby Parker glasses online with a challenging prescription

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Buy a Pair, Give a Pair
Buy a Pair, give a pair.Photo by Warby Parker

One thing I need to consider when selecting frames is my lens thickness. My left eye has a sweet prescription, a cute – 3.0. My right eye’s prescription is monstrous; inches of glass. So I tend to go for a thicker acetate frame that can handle a hefty lens. 

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Warby Parker offers a 1.67 high-index frame that is recommended for lenses with a prescription power of +/- 4.0 or higher, or ultra-thin 1.74 high-index lenses for those with a prescription of +/-8.00 or higher. High-index lenses have a higher “index” of refraction, meaning they are better at bending light rays and therefore can have thinner edges. You can select the 1.67 lenses for an extra $50 or the 1.74 lenses for an extra $100. There are many frames that start at $150, so even with the extra fee, the cost is manageable when compared to my previous glasses. 

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I also added blue-light-filtering lenses, which cost an extra $50 (so my complete pair cost $250, shipping is free). All of their lenses are scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and block 100 per cent of UV rays. The blue-light filtering lenses block more of the blue light that digital screens and the sun emits. 

Then came the most fun part of all; selecting the frames over social media. 

Frames Decision 2021
The Great Frame DecisionPhoto by Randi Mann

The frames fit my face perfectly, but you can always take them into a Warby Parker (or any glasses store) to get them adjusted. 

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When you buy a pair of glasses with Warby Parker, they distribute a pair to someone who doesn’t have access to needed eyewear. From the beginning, Warby Parker has worked with partners to ensure they’re empowering communities to access glasses in a way that supports their needs. Warby Parker provides glasses to those who need them in over 50 countries. 

Highlights: Warby Parkers also offers free returns, a hassle-free, one-year no-scratch guarantee, high-quality frames and lenses for an affordable price and provides glasses to those who don’t have access to proper eye care. 

Editor’s note: Originally published in March 2021, we’ve updated this article to include more information on Warby Parker’s high-index lenses.

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