Where To Watch ‘Die Suddenly’ – The Danger Of Vaccine

Die Suddenly

Anti-vaccine campaigners are promoting a new film, Died Suddenly, that claims to tell the truth about vaccines. On the same website, as they promote the film, they are also calling for more stories that corroborate the so-called danger of vaccines.

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Where To Watch Die Suddenly

Readmore : 20 Images And Memes Of Answers That Laughably Don’t Clarify The Situation


It takes a lot of gusto to make an hour-long documentary dedicated to a conspiracy theory about the COVID-19 vaccine and then stream it in one of the weirdest places possible. But such is the story behind Died Suddenly. Put simply, the new film is anti-vax propaganda that tries to link real-life tragedies to the COVID-19 vaccine via baseless claims and erroneous information. The film has been trending on Twitter, receiving both support and derision from the public.

What is the truth behind all the death cases considered “die suddenly”? Although the trailer claims to “present the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history”. However, what it actually contains is a lot of anecdotal and unproven stories about how the Covid-19 vaccines were really a conspiracy from the societal elite to kill of large swathes of the population.

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 Die Suddenly

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It quickly becomes clear that this is anti-vax propaganda, as Dr Rasmussen pointed out above. For over an hour, Died Suddenly puts forward unfounded claims that people died soon after taking the vaccine, without being able to point to any medical data or specific cases where this has been proven to be the case.

The documentary has already divided the internet, with many buying into the propaganda and just as many people decrying it for its misinformation. If you want to judge for yourself, the film is currently streaming in what may be the last place you’d expect.

Here’s where to watch Died Suddenly and what it’s all about.

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