Man shares simple kettle hack that saves money as energy bills soar

As energy bills soar, a man has shared his simple kettle trick that can reduce boiling costs.

Posting under the username @tox23 on TikTok, the man – named Peter – shared the trick which involves filling the kettle up with a mug. The video has received an astounding 2.1 million views, as well as almost 115,000 likes from impressed fans.

You are reading: Man shares simple kettle hack that saves money as energy bills soar

In just 25 seconds, the social media user reveals his hack that ensures the kettle is only using the water that is needed with no wasted excess. This comes as recent research by Uswitch estimated that on average, households waste £87 each year by overfilling the kettle.

In the now viral clip, Peter starts: “Whatever you do, do not do this with your kettle.”

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The video then shows him filling his kettle up to the brim. He then continues: “Instead, just take the cup you’re gonna use, fill up only the water you’re gonna heat, and add it to the kettle on its own.

“Done! With the massive rise in energy bills, this will keep yours right down to a minimum.”

If the amount that you put in doesn’t reach the minimum line on the kettle, you should always add extra water. While this may cost a few pence more, underfilling the kettle could damage the heating mechanism.

Thousands of TikTok users took to the comments to discuss the surprisingly simple hack. Some even added some money-saving advice of their own.

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One user joked that Peter was giving better advice than Boris, while another commented: “I do this but also get a gas kettle because right now gas is cheaper than electric”.

A third user added some further advice, saying: “Add 1 and a half cups cause some will evaporate”.

A fourth shared a similar suggestion, writing: “I normally fill it right up to the brim and then I have a cup of tea and then make a flask for a hot drink later on.”

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