‘Damages the garden!’: ‘Essential’ issue to keep away from ‘devastating’ results in your grass’ well being

The vast majority of UK ought to be coming again to life now because the UK’s have come to an finish. Weeks of dry, have meant that many gardeners’ lawns have been trying a little bit worse for put on with brown, dry patches. To make sure lawns keep in good condition, knowledgeable and MD of , a UK-wide garden care enterprise, David Truby, has shared his recommendation on 5 frequent errors gardeners make solely with .

1. Not ‘mowing’ what to do 

The gardening professional defined: “Mowing is a vital think about having a wholesome garden. Nevertheless, relying on the time of yr, the way you mow your garden can have a devastating impact on its well being.  

You are reading: ‘Damages the garden!’: ‘Essential’ issue to keep away from ‘devastating’ results in your grass’ well being

“Throughout the hotter climate, it’s important to contemplate the size of your grass. Whereas that will sound humorous, in case your grass is simply too quick, it may result in scorched leaves and water evaporating shortly, in the end damaging your grass.” 

David advisable sustaining grass at round 3-5cm lengthy. It’s because when lawns are barely longer, the grass blades will retain extra moisture internally, shade the soil and assist cut back water loss as a consequence of evaporation. 

Nevertheless, throughout the winter months, grass progress slows and turns into more and more dormant, however its progress actually doesn’t cease fully, and neither ought to mowing your garden.

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Mowing the lawn

‘Damages the garden!’: ‘Essential’ issue to keep away from ‘devastating’ results in your grass’ well being (Picture: GETTY)

The knowledgeable stated: “The trick is to proceed mowing your garden as wanted, by no means permitting it to develop into too lengthy as this may considerably cut back the standard and doubtlessly improve the severity of moss invasion. You could make sure the mower blades are sharp in order to not trigger harm to the garden itself.”

By no means try to mow the garden whether it is saturated or coated in frost. Taking additional care to take away extra leaves and particles by raking helps stop environments that will encourage fungal illnesses.

2. Permitting your soil to develop into compact

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A garden – offering it isn’t broken – can’t be aerated an excessive amount of. In reality, the extra typically the higher, says David.

He defined: “Hole tine aeration is a course of during which small plugs are taken from the garden. This technique eases compaction and sub-surface thatch that has collected within the garden, permitting water, air, fertiliser and vitamins to penetrate into the foundation zone. 

“Regularly the soil turns into compressed, squeezing collectively the particles and stopping the moisture from penetrating and lowering the grass’s potential to develop. In case you don’t aerate, the compaction of particles may cause quite a lot of issues and can improve the chance of the garden being invaded by or moss.”


3. Failing to stop moss 

Moss management and elimination is an “important a part of garden care” to make sure that grass is stored freed from moss all yr spherical. 

Moss is an especially adaptable, resilient plant that prospers in areas of shade, moisture and low turf high quality.

David stated that it’s simpler to stop moss than deal with it, so listed below are methods to keep away from a moss invasion. 

He stated: “If shade is inflicting the moss in your garden, you may cut back that affect by slicing again overhanging vegetation or bushes to permit extra daylight to the grass. If it’s a drainage concern, carry out a hole tine aeration remedy to permit higher drainage by means of the soil. By bettering floor drainage, moss is much less more likely to reoccur. 

“You too can guarantee that you’re not mowing your garden too quick, as that may trigger the grass to be broken and decelerate progress, which then offers the moss a chance to take over your garden.”

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Using a fork to aerate the lawn

A garden – offering it isn’t broken – can’t be aerated an excessive amount of (Picture: GETTY)

4. Not watering sufficient (when allowed) 

Individuals typically assume the rain will naturally present a garden with all of the water it wants. But when the previous couple of months have proved something, relying solely on the climate to maintain our lawns inexperienced doesn’t work. 

After all, your garden can survive a couple of weeks of drought, however it would ultimately skinny the turf and create a really perfect atmosphere for weeds to invade. So for individuals who desire a wholesome garden they should be watering their grass.

David suggested: “Relating to watering your garden, be proactive relatively than reactive. On the first indicators of it going brown, gardeners ought to water their lawns to maintain it a luscious inexperienced. Simply bear in mind, it’s a lot simpler to take care of a wholesome garden than to let it go brown and battle to get the inexperienced again.  

“The common garden wants round one to 1 and a half inches of water every week, though it would range based on your soil and grass kind. It’s finest to water a couple of times every week; deep and rare is healthier than typically and shallow.”

Lawn care calendar

Garden care calendar: Find out how to care to your garden every month (Picture: EXPRESS)

5. Watering within the night 

The garden professional stated: “One other mistake gardeners typically make is watering on the fallacious time of day. 

“When you have in all probability heard lots of people say it’s finest to water at night time, the reverse is definitely true.”

Gardeners ought to water as early within the day as a lot as they will. This provides the water an opportunity to soak into the turf earlier than the day will get too heat and it evaporates. 

David warned: “Within the night, the moist and darkish situations create a really perfect breeding floor for inflicting garden illness that may harm your turf, so keep away from watering within the night as finest as doable.”

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